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Welcome to Grace Dallas
We don’t just serve food we serve the love of God...
Our History

Welcome to Grace Dallas

Grace Dallas was created to serve the unhoused, that appeared to be forgotten or ignored by their community. We serve home cooked food every two weeks year round. The food varies from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our family started serving the unhoused community over 20 years ago in Orange County and on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. In 2019 we officially started Grace Ministry and we continued to serve as a family. In 2021 we relocated our family to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area where we serve the unhoused community in Downtown Dallas. Along with home cooked meals along with the infallible word of God. We also share testimonies, provide prayer, and a call to salvation. We know that this is only the start of what God is doing within Grace Dallas and we are excited you are here.

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100 Home Cooked meals served every two weeks, along with worship, prayer and the gospel spread.

We let them know Jesus loves them and display the love of Christ.

All our meals are served hot and we cook food that we would serve the Lord if he was coming to our house to eat with us. We serve home cooked food every two weeks year round. We also offer prayer and pray for those that accept it.

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Meals served


In 2024
Grace Dallas Food Ministry

What we do?


Serve Hot Meals

Jesus fellowshiped over food.


Share Love Of God

The truth will set you free.


Salvation Prayer


Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart.

May 04th, 11th & 25th 2024
Are the next times we serve our unhoused neighbours.
$5.25 Buys A Meal For someone un-housed

Isaiah 58:7 Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless.

We Accept Prayers + Finanical Seeds

Find us serving

Love on the Block

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